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Creating a local entity is a challenging and unavoidable step in your global expansion. Each jurisdiction, whether it’s a country, state, province or even city, is unique and has its own flavor.

It’s not only processes, requirements and procedures that are different, but there’s also the cost, time and even language that can turn even the most logical global expansion strategy into a resource-intensive and risky endeavor.


With an array of regulations to manage and requirements to meet for each country you operate in, our experts are on hand to help manage or guide your entity setup needs.

They can also advise on or coordinate regular corporate filings and other local administrative necessities. Our services are designed to allow you to focus on your core business, instead of the distractions that bureaucracy creates.

  • Deciding on the entity type
  • Selecting Directors and a Company Secretary
  • Choosing Shareholders, Guarantors or those with significant control over your company
  • Preparing Memorandums
  • Maintaining legally required accounting records
  • Registering with authorities such as tax officials


Our team of experts, analysts, HR professionals and labor law researchers deliver the latest, accurate and validated news and information.


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Expandopedia's global network of HR & Legal professionals provide insights, analysis and local expertise on over 150 countries to support business expansion strategies. Some businesses need more support or have unique challenges.


Ensure you are compliant with local rules and regulations by accessing expert intelligence and advisory support from Expandopedia.

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What is Expandopedia?

Great question and we are glad you are here. Maybe you are thinking about expanding your business or have already decided to do so. Expandopedia helps you navigate the complex array of global employment and labor requirements to help you effectively grow your business. With expert information covering onboarding, managing and offboarding of employees for over 150 countries and 51 United States jurisdictions, Expandopedia takes the guesswork out of global expansion. In addition to country and state overviews, you will have access to HR templates and other tools. Expansion made easy.

I have picked a country or two, now what?

Once you are ready to implement your expansion plan, Expandopedia provides access to numerous HR templates, including employment contracts and more, drafted and approved by our local law firms.  Even better, they are available in both English and the local language!

How else can Expandopedia support me?

In addition to providing expert guidance on global employment law and HR templates in Expandopedia, we can consult with you, help you set up a local entity or navigate a number of other employment matters.  We offer services around global mobility, improving your ability to seamlessly move employees from one country to another.

What if I want to talk to someone about my business?

Sometimes you need that human touch!  We are here for you. Expandopedia’s Ask An Expert is powered by a network of internal and external labor and employment lawyers, all of whom are eager to understand your business and provide information to help you drive your global strategy.

How does Expandopedia stay up to date with local rules and regulations?

Our editorial team follows a rigorous, multi-layered process to ensure that the information we provide is accurate and current. Our legal and tax trained researchers and editors vet, compile and approve all of the information that makes Expandopedia a unique business intelligence tool. This process is backed by a technology infrastructure to ensure information is secure and always up to date.