Quality Control – ISO Certification & Auditing Process

Our continued commitment to compliance 

At Expandopedia, we’ve made it our business to empower global expansion that’s exhaustive in its adherence to compliance — so we work to maintain those high standards for our own organization in order to better serve you.  

Our ISO:9001 certification reflects that commitment. 

This independent and internationally recognized accreditation is reserved for businesses with a high level of quality management systems and data integrity. Businesses that are endorsed with this International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification undergo thorough auditing to demonstrate their dedication to customer satisfaction, efficient processes and continual improvement. 

The certification process covers: 

  • Multiple audits to review documents, records and key system elements 
  • conducting interviews 
  • and observe working practices 

Any noncompliance is addressed early and resolved. Our systems are regularly reviewed to ensure that we continue to remain compliant with ISO standards with recertification occurring every three years.   

The certification sets the expectation for how we serve our customers and stakeholders. It allows us to operate more efficiently and identify weaknesses in our processes while helping us deliver high-quality products and services.