Public Holidays

New Year’s Day — Good Friday — Easter Sunday — Easter Monday — King’s Day — Liberation Day (official public holiday once every five years; next due 2020) — Ascension Day — Pentecost Sunday — Whit Monday — Christmas Day — Boxing Day

Working hours

A standard workweek in the Netherlands is 36 to 40 hours over five days.

Maternity / Paternity Leave

Female employees receive 16 weeks of maternity leave. The partner of a pregnant employee receives one week of paternity/partner leave.

Vacation Leave

The minimum amount of annual paid leave is four times the number of working days each week, which is 20 days per year for most workers.

Sick Leave

The minimum amount of annual paid leave is four times the number of working days each week, which is 20 days per year for most workers.

Bonus Payments

Bonuses are common.

Employment Termination Severance

The notice period is between one and four months. Severance is 1/3 of one month’s wages for each of the first 10 years of service or one year.

Health Insurance Benefits

Public healthcare is funded by employer contributions, but employees are also required to have private healthcare insurance.

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